School Principal Message

Sh. R. K. Mall

Dear Students
Success is a word which sounds very good but it requires hard work to achieve. Everybody wants to achieve success in life but very few people among them work in the right direction and get success. If we try with strong will- power, faith and determination, nothing is impossible.
When a person works hard to get success, he gets the fruit of his patience, but many a time, success does not come immediately. But we should not loose our patience because failure is the first step to success.
According to M.K. Gandhi “If you have faith in the cause, means and in God, the hot sun will be cool for you.” So Faith plays a very important role in everybody’s life.It is said that one who loses money loses much; one who loses a friend, loses more; but one who loses faith loses all’.
When we look at the lives of most outstanding personalities of the world, we find that it was faith which made their life exemplary. Students! When a person does hard work to reach his goal, he should only concentrate on his work leaving the thought whether he will get through or not. We should not leave anything to destiny because our hard work and sincere efforts towards achieving success matter a lot.
So my dear students! It is up to you to make life a success by realizing the strength within yourself and I am always with you in each and every step but only you will have to walk on the path.